Scripture Wallpaper—Matthew 3:11

August 15, 2011 — 3 Comments

One of my resolutions for this…uh…fall (I’m a little late for New Year’s, I suppose) is to memorize more scripture. As part of that effort, I thought it might be helpful for me to create a wallpaper for some of the scriptures I’m trying to commit to memory. (Note: I know some of these are so familiar that I should probably be embarrassed — and I am, really — but the references are always missing even among the scripture I “know.” So back off, m’kay?)

Desktop Wallpapers:

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iPhone: wallpaper

iPad: wallpaper

  • Nate

    Good stuff, adding it to my computer and iPhone and iPad. Yes, I like to overdo things. 

  • Wes Comer

    Ha! Nice. I’ve got it on all my devices, too, so we can be overdoers together. :)

  • James Mauk

    I like this. How did you make it?